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A fun 8-week English language learning course that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays (

July 10 - September 1, 2023).


45 minute classes

2 times a week (Total 16 sessions)


Students will practice letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter writing.  Students will continue building an English vocabulary of sight words and use simple phrases for English speaking. 


Class takes place in our interactive online classroom where students can practice in real time with peers and one of our experienced English teachers. 

Maximum class size:  4 students

Ages: 5-7

Class length: 45 minutes

Number of classes: 16

Class Days: Monday, Wednesday


**Add a Friday English Conversation Class for an extra fun class to use your English skills with peers through games, songs/rhymes, and activities!**



Summer Term - Emergent

  • Students are assigned to classes based on age and English level. We make every effort to ensure students are placed with a cohort of peers that will help them collaborate and grow.


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